Generative AI for Customer Service

Explore how Generative AI is enhancing customer support processes in the manufacturing sector. Learn about our innovative solutions: product assistant, ticket categorisation, and interactive FAQ, driving efficiency and satisfaction.

What can Generative AI do for me?

Recruiting, on-boarding, benefit and payroll management. Orobix Generative AI will revolutionize human resource management in your company.

Pycon IT 2023: WOW!

The Orobix team shares their experience at Pycon Italia 2023.

My team? I always know they will make it!

Interview with Lisa Lozza -Technical Area Leader Data Science

When will we do it again?

Pycon Italy 2022 through the eyes of our Data Scientists.

Our AI-solutions now available on Azure Marketplace!

AI-go,<sup>Ⓡ</sup> e Op.pla now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Company merger: Tensorwerk – Grid.AI

Company merger: Tensorwerk - Grid.AI

The human side of remote working

An interview with Gabriele Carboni - AI Software Developer

Metallurgy: aluminium die-casting from data to action (and savings).

Metallurgy: aluminium die-casting from data to action (and savings). An interview with Alberto Albertini - Innovation Center Director, Technology Scouting at Antares Vision Group

We are in the Gartner 2021 Market Guide!

Oròbix named in the 2021 Gartner “Market Guide for Artificial Intelligence Service Providers” Report

From manufacturing to Artificial Intelligence to make the difference

An interview with Stefano Farisè - AI manufacturing business unit manager

Preventing downtime: let’s listen to your data

How artificial intelligence can help you make strategic decisions based on data from your manufacturing processes.

AI Observatory 2020/2021 – Business Case

Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing sector - Gnutti Carlo Spa case study

AI Observatory 2020/2021

What's the status of AI post-deployment management?