Focus on HR processes

31 Decembre 2023

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Knowledge Management has been a well-known topic in companies for some time, including its limitations. This is because the acquisition, utilization, transfer, development, and storage of knowledge are all critical and complex processes in any sector. 

Generative Artificial Intelligence can be a valuable aid in overcoming data silos without interoperability, extracting value from data, reducing operational times, extracting valuable information to improve procedures, and supporting decision-making.

Generative AI can, for example: 

  • Search for information 
  • Extract, generate, and summarize data 
  • Evaluate and optimize different scenarios 
  • Improve workflows 
  • Support daily and routine activities 
  • Optimize projects 
  • Generate new suggestions 
  • Support management by creating reports, summaries, projections, scripts, and various content 
  • Save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency 


However, the hype and typical marketing communication of a highly innovative, at times “disruptive,” technology can often lead to confusion and fail to clarify the opportunities.  

To address this, Orobix has decided to engage with experts and professionals from companies, collaborate with them, verify the correct understanding of their needs, and resolve any uncertainties. Above all, Orobix aims to receive valuable advice, guidance, and feedback from those who deal with complex activities every day. 

This initiative has led to the creation of the “What can Generative AI do for me” series of meetings, dedicated to exploring the potential of Generative AI and its impact on business processes. 

🔍 Focus on HR applications

The first meeting focused on human resources (HR) processes. Coordinated by Ilaria Rasulo, HR Manager of Antares Vision, the meeting took place on December 14th in Travagliato.

HR Managers from significant companies in our area gathered to discuss real problems, specific needs, pressing requirements, and shared them with the Orobix development team: numerous challenges, as many ‘pains’ and ‘gains,’ as we say today, to help us offer just as many ‘pain relievers’ and ‘gain creators.  

The discussions ranged from recruiting processes to onboarding, benefit and payroll management, exploring how this technology can revolutionize the way HR departments tackle daily challenges. 

Generative AI - HR - processes - OROBIX

It is emphasized that so-called “foundation models” of Generative Artificial Intelligence need to be integrated into the diverse realities of businesses, adapting them to custom projects to meet specific business requirements.

This ensures the correct interpretation and potential preparation of data, offering initial support and long-term assistance, crucial for meeting evolving needs over time. 

Without neglecting, while awaiting the approval of the AI Act at the European level, the proper treatment and protection of business and personal data, and the risks arising from improper use of the same (including potential unaware or unscrupulous use by third parties). 


Orobix has implemented a risk management framework derived from its experience in the medical field. This involves identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks related to the product, monitoring them over time, and continuously evaluating risks arising from improper use of AI technologies. This approach allows balancing the intrinsic risk of using Generative AI applications without hindering innovation and efficiency.

🚀 Next steps

The next steps for the “What can Generative AI do for me?” series of meetings involve exploring new business processes, engaging IT, service, quality assurance, and other professionals.
Each meeting will conclude with the opportunity to participate in one of the Proof of Concepts (PoCs) developed by Orobix, offered for free for a limited time, a tangible way to thank participants and evaluate possible collaboration. 
These activities will also allow Orobix to refine and further improve the “Pre-built use casescurrently undergoing testing and implementation in some companies. These use cases cover categorization and generation of texts and videos, data classification, text and document analysis, ticket management, product support, information extraction, etc. 


Apply for upcoming meetings to discover together how Generative AI can transform your company’s processes. We need experienced professionnals to provide the right solutions! 📩