Technology and common vision on artificial intelligence drive the merger

28 February 2022

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We are pleased to announce the merger between Tensorwerk, a startup born inside Oròbix focused on the development of open-source software for Machine Learning, and Grid.AI, a New York-based tech company from the creator of PyTorch Lightning.

"When we met Will and Luis, it became immediately clear that we shared a common vision for the future of machine learning technology, one that was simultaneously more ambitious than anything attempted previously and also firmly grounded in a desire to make that technology more accessible, easy to use, and intuitive than it had ever been. By working with Grid and the PyTorch Lightning community, our goal is to serve that community more effectively and more profoundly than ever before. We’ve got plenty of challenges ahead of us, and I’m excited to approach them together". Luca Antiga - CEO and Co-Founder - Tensorwerk

Tensorwerk is a startup founded just over two years ago by the Oròbix founders – Pietro Rota and Luca Antiga – together with Richard Izzo. Behind the initiative was a desire to experience the open-source world of Machine Learning software development. It was an unconventional choice, based on a deep conviction that open-source could really generate value and business opportunities, especially in the constantly evolving Artificial Intelligence sector. 

The knowledge-sharing attitude of Oròbix and Tensorwerk is clearly expressed in the Oròbix’s Manifesto, which defines, as one of its founding values, the desire to continuously learn, to share knowledge and to “make AI happen”: “We are at our best together when we share visions and circulate knowledge.”


From Bergamo to New York, to be closer to the communities that work with higher competence and passion on these topics and to take up, together, the challenge of making technology more accessible for companies and professionals.

Over the last two years Tensorwerk together with its distributed team – between Italy, United States and India – has shared the same vision with Oròbix and the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate (even remotely) to achieve together important results.

“We are pleased to see the value of Tensorwerk's technologies developed over the last two years in a company with a very innovative business model and exponential growth as Grid.AI. The Grid.AI team and its shareholders represent an exceptional value and they will certainly provide the best guarantee to achieve great results. Even Oròbix, in its role of AI enabler in the manufacturing and life sciences industries, will benefit from the proximity of the teams and the adoption of the Grid.AI technologies”. Pietro Rota - CEO and Co-Founder - Oròbix

RedisAI and Hangar are the two open-source technologies for Machine Learning that Tensorwerk focused on. These tools, designed to make the day-to-day work of data scientists more productive, quickly attract a community of people interested in both the development and the use of these tools in business processes. As a result, Tensorwerk was noticed among other companies operating on the international market. 

The same topics drive the work of Grid.AI, a New York-based startup founded in 2019 by William Falcon, the creator of PyTorch Lightning, and Luis Capelo. Grid.AI developed a cloud-based SaaS platform to build and train Machine Learning models, enabling data scientists to focus on data and algorithms, while devolving to the platform the infrastructure management, the orchestration and the scalability. A technology that makes the large-scale deployment of Artificial Intelligence possible and tangible. 


For Oròbix, the experience of the last years, also together with Grid.AI, allowed to fully understand the great potentialities of open source and to appreciate the importance of maintaining an active presence in the most innovative markets and worldwide environments, in order to promote a continuous and profitable technology transfer to companies. 

In fact, Oròbix is today focused on the development of ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence solutions that allow a rapid deployment and solving complex problems especially in the manufacturing sector, using technologies – like those developed by Grid.AI – accessible and reliable, able to scale and to obtain real and measurable benefits quickly.

“When I think about how Tensorwerk fits into Grid.AI, I think about the people at the heart of these overlapping, ambitious, and exciting endeavors. Not just the inspiring people with whom I work every single day, but also the developers from across the world who use our tooling to do an array of outstanding things and the people we have yet to bring into the fold.” Luca Antiga - CEO and Co-Founder - Tensorwerk

Tensorwerk was founded in 2019 by Luca Antiga, Pietro Rota and Rick Izzo as an open-source development tool for ML. Tensorwerk aims to create the critical building blocks for the upcoming data-defined development industry by blending traditional software engineering tools with deep learning. For more information, visit:


Founded in 2020 by William Falcon, the creator of the ML open-source framework PyTorch Lightning and Luis Capelo. enables companies of all sizes to train AI models on hundreds of cloud CPUs and GPUs. With its ML platform, Grid, there is no need for companies to hire a team of ML specialists or spend additional time and money on their own AI infrastructure. This empowers researchers and data scientists to focus on developing their models instead of having to build the infrastructure first. For more information, visit:

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