Innovation Hub & Living Lab Network on Artificial Intelligence for Smart & Connected Cities

7 December, 2020

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WE IMAGINE a better collective future through AI.

This is one of the points of our Manifesto that collects the meaning of our work in Orobix, at this precise moment when AI is marking a turning point in many areas relevant to the everyone’s life.


This is the theme of the project “Innovation Hub & Living Lab on Artificial Intelligence for Smart & Connected Cities“, recognized as a project of excellence in the Call Hub Research and Innovation by the Regione Lombardia and funded with European funds POR FESR 2014-2020.

A long name for an ambitious project that involves the creation of a large physical and digital ecosystem (consisting of a Living Lab network coordinated by an Innovation Hub) aimed at collecting large amounts of data and developing artificial intelligence algorithms useful for the creation of solutions and services to improve the quality of life in the cities of the future.


Startups, SMEs and research groups will finally have the possibility to attend physical places to experiment with innovative technologies to obtain data from wearable, medical and environmental sensors and to use open data as well as the possibility to access a platform for the storage and export of data and the development of AI models.


We designed a platform provides a development environment for the creation of AI models and the management of lifecycle in production, fully compliant with data protection and privacy laws.
Through the AI framework it will be possible to have full traceability and versioning of artificial intelligence models, monitoring the algorithms (in terms of performance and uncertainty of prediction) and alerting in case of anomalies.
It will also provide algorithm release strategies on on-premises or cloud infrastructures and support for a wide variety of algorithms (classification, regression, anomaly-detection, decision tree, etc.).

But we are also engaged in a pilot related to preventive and personalized medicine that will involve a group of diabetes patients and their doctors in the collection of data through biometric and glycemic sensors to monitoring and understand the lifestyle impact on one of the most common chronic diseases.


Through these projects AI really gets closer to people and becomes a tool humans can use to build a better future for all of us.

SCC Innovation - Hub & Living Lab Network

Project website:

Partners: Mediaclinics S.r.l. (lead partner), Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Italtel S.p.A., Santer Reply S.p.A., Comftech S.r.l., Marlegno S.r.l. Tecnologie del legno, Aries More S.r.l, Cluster Smart Cities & Communities Lombardia (subcontractor) e Talent4Rise (subcontractor).

Duration: 30 months

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