“Starting with why” (cit. Simon Sinek)

7 December, 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes

Ten years + one is definitely a good time to focus on the “why”: to look back at how we were, at what inspired and inflamed our young hearts at the beginning of this adventure and then, asking ourselves the same question again and trying to give it a new answer that takes into consideration the continuous changes around us.

We never imagined we would do it during a global pandemic, but after all, we never liked things too easy! In fact, looking closer, maybe the slowdown imposed by this situation has helped us to find the right time to think about the motivations that guide our actions, both as individuals and as parts of a company like Oròbix.

This long reflection becomes a new logo, a new website, new visions and, of course, a new way of understanding Artificial Intelligence – thanks to an extraordinary amount of experience gained “in the field”, through failures and successes – and thanks to the people we met on this journey.

The new logo simplifies and underlines the most important things: we tried to share them by writing our Manifesto. A sort of roadmap of meaning to which from time to time we can return to open new roads.

In the new website we explain, with pictures and words, the “why” of those who work at Oròbix: the strong determination to create value and shared well-being, the practicality of doing based on competence, discussion and continuous research.

We asked our team to accept the challenge to leave their computers and take the field, to work with passion and responsibility and, last but not least, we asked them to smile at a lens thinking about the future. 

They did it with trust and courage, even in this uncertain time.

Because working in a company that deals with Artificial Intelligence means taking part in a global challenge and having the opportunity to address the current transformation towards virtuous paths, supporting the quality of life, work, health and individual progress.

Because Artificial Intelligence is much more tangible than you might suppose, and the “goodness” of an innovation like AI is defined by the people who think it, develop it and ground it, turning daring ideas into practical tools in other people’ hands.

This is our “why” and from here the Oròbix journey goes on.