Focus on product technical support processes

18 March 2024

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We are thrilled to share the highlights from the second event of our series “What can Generative AI do for me? Focus on Product Support”, dedicated to the manufacturing sector and hosted by Orobix at the Antares Vision Group headquarters.

The event was a valuable moment for Orobix, during which we had the opportunity to listen and learn, gaining valuable insights regarding the evolving landscape of generative AI applications in industrial processes and the challenges shaping its future development.

🔍 Focus on customer support and maintenance processes

Through some live demos, we showcased our Generative AI solutions designed to support manufacturing companies and OEMs across the product lifecycle: from design to customer support and maintenance management.


  • PRODUCT ASSISTANT: our intelligent chatbot simplifies access to product documents, providing immediate answers and quick solutions for usage and installation issues. Designed for maintenance technicians, line operators, and customer support operators, our application enables easy and effective interaction with product manuals and technical documentation, reducing support requests and intervention times.

Orobix - Generative AI - product support
  • PRODUCT INTERACTIVE FAQ: a system that extracts essential information from product documentation to generate useful sets of questions and answers for product installation, usage, and maintenance. Accessible offline, without an internet connection, it’s ideal for industrial environments. Easy to use and available 24/7, it allows for a significant improvement in user experience, reducing response times, and boosting customer satisfaction.


  • TICKET CATEGORISATION: our automated ticket categorisation system simplifies support request management, allowing teams to focus on high-value activities and improving overall customer service efficiency.

🎯 Success case: enhancing remote support at Antares Vision Group with Generative AI

Mattia Assanelli – Director of the Service Business Unit at Antares Vision Group – shared insights into how Generative AI is changing the customer support within the company and how Antares Vision is actively leveraging the improvement and streamlining capabilities offered by this new technology.

Between risks and opportunities, generative AI applied to remote support offers a range of significant advantages. Firstly, it enhances the efficiency and speed of responses to customers, enabling faster and more accurate support, thus increasing customer satisfaction and confidence in the service. Lastly, the automation of repetitive tasks frees up time and human resources to focus on high-value activities, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of the entire business unit.

However, Antares Vision's implementation strategy for Generative AI extends beyond customer service, encompassing human resource management, information systems, and quality control processes, underscoring the company's commitment to innovation-driven growth.

🧠 Insights, feedback, and opportunities

During the event, there was also an opportunity to directly hear from industry professionals who shared with us the potential difficulties limiting the adoption of generative AI within companies and the development opportunities.


  • mapping knowledge related to machinery and equipment, especially in the case of dated and repeatedly modified machines for which technical documents are no longer available.
  • digitizing implicit expertise residing in experienced operators, which requires considerable time and appropriate tools to be made available to generative AI systems.

Development opportunities:

  • the possibility of interfacing generative AI systems with machine data to create the ideal context for guiding maintenance technicians in the troubleshooting process.
  • interest in speech-to-text systems that allow recording instructions, annotations, and reports using one’s voice, to simplify the interaction of generative AI systems with line operators, even in complex production contexts.


We concluded the workshop by quoting Susan Wojcicki, an American entrepreneur who served as CEO of YouTube from 2014 to 2023: “Technology is just a tool. People make things happen, not technology”, aiming to stimulate reflection on the crucial role of people in digital transformation. Generative AI indeed offers exciting opportunities in the manufacturing sector, but it is important to remember that its positive impact will always depend on human ability to guide and control its implementation.

Orobix - Generative AI - product support

🚀 Next Steps

The events of our series “What can Generative AI do for me” will continue to explore new business processes involving IT, maintenance, and quality assurance professionals. Each meeting will conclude with the opportunity to request free trial access to our applications for a limited period.

Join us for upcoming events to discover how Generative AI can revolutionize your company’s processes! 📩