What we do

At Orobix we leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence
and strong engineering foundations to enable disruptive new solutions across a wide range of industries.

We engineer systems end-to-end, starting from a problem all the way to a solution working in production.
The end result is pure software, or a combination of software and hardware, such as sensors or robots.

Life sciences


Everything else

Life sciences

We inject knowledge into a new generation of medical devices.

Creating algorithms that incorporate clinical experience to extract quantitative information from medical imaging data

Enabling precision medicine through data-driven, patient-specific diagnostic support systems

Mapping individual patients to reference patient populations for diagnostic and prognostic support or clinical trial recruitment

Designing numerical models of physiological and pathological processes to explain and predict disease states


We boost business and production processes with artificial intelligence.

Taking industrial vision and X-ray inspection systems to the next level

Analyzing real-time data from machinery and IoT sensors for industry 4.0 applications

Detecting anomalies in data streams, exploiting similarity in data patterns for predictive maintenance and optimization of production

Empowering collaborative robots with intelligent behaviors to work alongside humans

Everything else

We marry data and models to tackle problems large and small.

Predicting energy demand, optimizing energy generation and renewable sources.

Forecasting complex phenomena, capturing short and long-term trends with data-driven approaches, providing insights through knowledge-based models

Integrating heterogeneous sources of data to provide second-opinion, high-throughput screening or alerting

Providing new tools for quantitative marketing and insight on the dynamics of customer reaction.

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