Oròbix is looking for a talented Data Scientist with interest in software development.


You will join the fast growing group mainly dedicated to machine and deep learning. We need your curiosity and creativity to select, develop and fit the best algorithms to challenging and real-world problems.

As a Data Scientist you will work with unique data sets from different sectors across the world and cutting-edge technology.
You will work in an international context, in a team of engineers with different skillset, interfacing stakeholders and with full responsibility on deliverables. It is essential that you are a focused person with excellent communication skills and a personal drive to achieve project goals.


Your role and responsibilities
  • You will be responsible for implementing the algorithms into a product and make it available to our customers, seeing your insight turned into real solutions;
  • You will follow the entire life cycle of the projects, from design to development, from production to monitoring;
  • You will have to deal with technicians, end users and software developers.


Required Skills
  • Good software development skills and experience in languages such as Python or C++;
  • Good knowledge of modeling techniques (time series, decision trees, random forests, clustering, etc.);
  • Prior experience in time series anomaly detection and forecasting;
  • Background in image processing, computer vision or signal processing;
  • Background in deep learning with a focus on image classification, image regression tasks or signal processing;
  • Familiarity with machine and deep learning frameworks, such as PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, etc.;
  • Practical and professional experience contributing to and maintaining a code base with code versioning systems such as Git.
  • Strong problem solving skills;
  • Strong ability to learn quickly.



At least 2 years of relevant working experience.



M. Sc. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or similar.


Our benefits
  • Multi-cultural, supportive, inclusive and friendly working environment
  • Smart Working: we believe that the smart working can truly add value when balances flexibility and performance, the individual and the company.
  • Awesome community of open-minded professionals, environment boosting the development of your technical and soft skills
  • Your influence on product stack, solutions and work-frame
  • Short and fast decision-making due to flat hierarchy
  • Great office space located in Bergamo, Travagliato (BS), Rovereto (TN)


3-steps hiring process
  1. Interview with the Technical Leader (1 hour)
  2. HR Interview (1 hour)
  3. Interview with the Founders (Pietro & Luca – 1 hour)



Why is this position open?
Oròbix is growing. Come grow with us! We are expanding the team due to increasing customer base and feature requests for our AI solutions.

How will I know my performance at work?
We use a consolidated performance management system that provides feedback on what is doing well and what can be done better or differently.We set shorter-term goals tracked transparently with periodically feedback and alignment on your progress.

I am not currently working in the Artificial Intelligence sector, but I would like to work at Oròbix.
At Oròbix, we embrace diversity. We encourage everyone to apply for our job openings, no matter who you are or what your background is. So if your profile is in line with the competencies requested in our job opportunities, please feel free to apply. We have opportunities in software development, data science and sales areas.

How is the work and life balance at Oròbix?
At Oròbix, we’re committed to flexible workplace policies. We are testing and developing working tools and a new organisational set-up to make a real and permanent change in the way we work. We believe that the smart working can truly add value when balances flexibility and performance, the individual and the company.

I still have some questions that I need answers to. How can I get in touch?
You can always send questions related to the recruitment process to recruiting@orobix.com.